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Lighting Analytics LLC

LED lighting that pays for itself

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Jacksonville, FL
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Warehouse Lighting

High Bay & Canopy Lighting in Ponte Vedra, Florida

Reduce your costs and enhance your employees’ and customers' safety by keeping your warehouses, parking lots, assembly lines and high traffic areas well lit with High Bay and Induction Fluorescent or LED lighting from Lighting Analytics LLC in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Our Retrofit kits standardize light output for a consistent appearance, minimize costly maintenance, and are ideal for heavy-duty commercial settings from indoor warehouses to outdoor gas station canopies requiring vapor tight fixtures. Start the upgrade process today and start saving money in the same fiscal quarter.

 Canopy Lighting

Energy Efficiency

One of our 120 watts High Bay fluorescent light fixtures can give you equivalent light and brightness of a 600 watt HID (as an example) with lower maintenance and lower heat reducing both your lighting and your air conditioning bill. Induction options are available as well. We can help you apply for Federal Tax Rebates through the IRS (while they last) to subsidize the cost of installation, as well as provide you with warranties to give years of trouble-free lighting.

If your lights are more than 2 years old, request info today! Why wait to start on a project that will pay for itself and create positive cash flow. Serving Northeast Florida. Contact us in Ponte Vedra, Florida, for a FREE Survey.

If you're not using LED...and YOU are PAYNG THE ELECTRIC BILL

You Need Us! — You're Paying too much!

Let us turn your old (or even new) fluorescent fixtures into LEDs. Anywhere, in or around Jacksonville ...and beyond.