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Lighting Analytics LLC

LED lighting that pays for itself

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Jacksonville, FL
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Office Lighting

Playing the Electric Bill?
Retrofit from Fluorescent to LED and $AVE

LEDPRO: Office Lighting in Jacksonville, FL, and Beyond (Retrofit & New Fixtures)

Reduced Electric Bills & Rebates: Pay for your project with SAVINGS in 8-18 months!

Increased Cash Flow! With Better Light, Lower A/C, and NO Maintenance.

Every single fixture can save over $400 in the 1st 5 years (under warranty) and over $1,000 in the 1st 10 yrs of a life that can exceed 15 years!

Our Clients: Triple Net Tenants, Owner-Occupied & Managed Properties, etc...

Applications: Offices, Retail stores, Restaurants, Warehouses, Gas stations, Parking Structures, etc.



Happy Customer Examples :) UPS, Bogey Grille, Animal Care of Ponte Vedra, A Social Affair Dance Studio

Rebates & Incentives: Available through Beaches Energy, JEA, FPL, and other rebate providers
(Helping you pay for your project with cost savings while increasing your cash flow)

Take advantage of turn-key installation for hassle-free upgrades to LED Lighting and documentation rebates.

(Rebates are subject to change and the responsibility of the client)

Average Projects can pay for themselves in 8 – 18 months and provide positive cash flow for 5-10 years or more.

Click here to Request a Free Lighting and Energy Use Analysis. See how much money we can save you when we upgrade your lighting.

If you're not using LED...and YOU are PAYNG THE ELECTRIC BILL

You Need Us! — You're Paying too much!

Let us turn your old (or even new) fluorescent fixtures into LEDs. Anywhere, in or around Jacksonville ...and beyond.