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LED lighting that pays for itself

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Jacksonville, FL
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Modern Office Interior And Lighting

LED Lighting Jacksonville, FL (Office, Retail, Warehouse, Parking...)

LED – The Most Efficient & Cost-Effective Lighting Option

LOWER LIFETIME COSTS: Low Wattage, Low Heat, NO Maintenance

- 65-80% less electricity

- NO Ballasts

- ROI in 8-18 months

REBATES: Local utilities such as BEACHES JEA FPL.

NOT YOUR BUILDING - SO WHAT! You OWN the electric bill.


Fluorescent & Incandescent Lighting: Cheap to Install - EXPENSIVE to Operate

T12s MUST convert. Not making them anymore and supplies are running out (like 100 W light bulbs). Don't waste money by changing to T8.

T12 ~ 4 @ 40W tubes; T8 ~ 3 @ 32W tubes VS LED ~ 2 @ 18W tubes

(LED fixtures use 36 watts to get the same or better lighting)

Annual Savings of a 2 Lamp LED Fixture Compared to T12/T8 Fluorescent

LED Tubes

LED: Energy Efficient, NO Mercury, LONG Life!

LED Sizes T-12 And T-8

Avoid Recycling Nightmares. T12s are Dinosaurs; T8s Aren't Much Better

If you're not using LED...and YOU are PAYNG THE ELECTRIC BILL

You Need Us! — You're Paying Too Much!

Let us turn your old (or even new) fluorescent fixtures into LEDs. Anywhere, in or around Jacksonville ...and beyond.

T12 T8 What's Your Savings?
Hrs/wk Working Hrs (4 lamps) (3 Lamps)
40 5 days@8hr $59.67 $32.71
54 6 days @ 9hrs $75.44 $39.61
70 7 days @ 10 hrs $93.05 $47.49
98 7 days @ 14 hrs $123.88 $61.28
168 24 hrs a day $200.92 $95.77

Savings: Multiply your fixtures by the #s above for savings.

Includes average yearly maintenance.

*Long life (5-10 year warrantees) & MERCURY FREE.

Exterior Lighting (LED vs HID): Compare 120W vs 300W; 300W vs 1000W

Try our money saving LED Retrofit kits
Troffers & Strips + Wraps, Vapor Tights, etc.

Strip Kit

Strip Kit Examples

Troffer Kit

Troffer Kit Examples

Call for a Free LED Lighting Analysis. We'll show you how much you can save.
(888) 973-4749

About Us

We are Veteran owned and believe in Integrity, Efficiency, and Service to customers and community. We have committed to lowering your "TOTAL" lighting costs by teaming with some of the best manufacturers of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly LED lighting. The solutions we devise for you will quickly pay for themselves, increase your profitability for YEARS and eliminate maintenance. No more chasing bulbs and ballasts! We'll always make it right!

Qualify for rebates with our UL listed kits and DLC approved lights. See BEACHES, JEA, FPL, and other rebate providers.